discord2chaos (discord2chaos) wrote,

Heaven's Lie

Title: Heaven’s Lie
Author:  discord2chaos

Fandom: SPN
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Castiel/ Sam
Genre: Angst

Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Spoilers/Warnings: 6x17, 6x18, eventual threesome
Word Count: 737
Notes: I have decided this series is going to be semi drabbleish because it is my first posted fic for the SPN fandom and I would love constructive criticism.  

 Summary: It’s only a lie if it’s said out loud.



With every use the souls that were left were burning out faster and faster. Castiel tried not to think about why they were burning out, how each time it got harder and harder to let go, how he was holding onto the souls longer and longer. The power the souls gave him was wonderful; it felt like he could take on anything. Castiel did have to wonder why God was allowing the desecration of human souls left and right. He was sure that if Dean knew what he was doing Dean would hunt him down like a “dick angel”, so why didn’t God strike him down. Castiel was positive that what he was doing was wrong, but he was just as sure that it was worth it. Raphael did not know what was happening to his troops; one of Castiel’s Lieutenants had infiltrated Raphael’s ranks and was spreading rumors that they were joining Castiel. While discontent was spreading in Raphael’s army none were changing sides.  Castiel was losing war, and badly, If only because of the sheer number that were on Raphael’s side.  If taking down Raphael meant destroying every soul on earth he would do it, except for the Winchesters, of course.   


As Balthazar looked over Castiel he couldn’t help but wince as another soul was snuffed out of existence and the body holding it exploded. Atropos really was a bitch, if she hadn’t went after the Winchesters they would still have the souls of the Titanic. The Winchesters tended to be the root of all of his problems with controlling Castiel.  It really was disgusting the way that the blood from the body now painted Castiel’s vessel….


Castiel was disturbed by the plan presented by Balthazar but could see why it was a good idea. Going after the vessels of angels would limit the interaction Raphael and his troops could have with earth and would also further protect the Winchesters.


Balthazar was a sneaky arse Crowley decided. He had to wonder how he had not fallen by now, he really loved the way he was manipulating Castiel. Crowley had to wonder how long it would take for God to interfere; it really looked like Castiel would be the next Lucifer. It really was a shame, he actually liked the angel, killing him would almost regrettable.


Dean was hesitant to approach the man at the bar but there was something about him that drew the eyes. Dean couldn’t decide if it was the eyes which were a strange shade of hazel, his size; which was only a little taller than him but seemed so much larger, or if it was the playful aura around him that said I may big but I’m not dangerous. He was reminded of someone, and he couldn’t quite figure out whom. No, he knew exactly who he was reminded of, but if he even said the name in his head it would lead him down a path that would lead to exactly one place, alone.


Since the last case Dean had been quiet in a way that worried Sam. Whatever Castiel had told Dean had him drinking more and getting into more fights at bars. There was hardly a time whenever Dean didn’t come back to whichever hotel they were staying in at the time with bloodied knuckles. The only reason he even knew that was because he was breaking into Dean’s room after he came back from whichever bar was closest and had passed out. He didn’t exactly know how he knew when that was and worried that it may be some left over psychic power. He did know however that if he told Dean about it that it would probably be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe it wasn’t that important anyway, all he knew was that he had to find a way to keep his brother safe and this was helping. That wasn’t a bad thing, right?


One by one he approached them, careful in what exactly he said.  He knew all their names; he had been there when most of them had been created. He could see what this war was doing and while he wouldn’t, couldn’t, stop it he could at least make sure there were survivors. There was a reason he was brought back, and this time he wouldn’t fuck it up.




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